Duncan George – Preach The Word: Over 850 Sermon Outlines


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This valuable and practical book on preaching is written by someone who knows preaching from the inside. George Duncan’s Preach the Word brings the subject of preaching within the reach of those who preach and teach regularly in church services, young people’s groups, schools R.E. lessons, Sunday schools and home groups.

Preach the Word approaches its subject from two angles. In Part One, the book explores what it is that makes a good preacher. For anyone starting out in preaching, or for those who are familiar with the inside of a pulpit, these chapters do the essential work of refocusing on the true objectives of all preaching.

In Part Two, Preach the Word offers a wide selection of sermon outlines, ranging across the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. These outlines are not designed as a short-cut in preparation. Instead, they provide a helpful structure for the preacher to do his or her own study of the Bible passage. Each outline seeks to define the main truth’s contained in the passage or text.

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