Epp Theodore H – Practical Studies In Revelation – Volumes 1&2


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Revelation: Is it a mystery to you? A closed book – an enigma that cannot be explained? Some say that it is history; others insist it’s all prophecy. And some maintain it’s all spiritual spiritualism that we are never meant to interpret.

If you are one of the many who have never read Revelation because you think it is beyond your understanding, take heart! The author of this book believes that Revelation was meant to be understood by every believer. Theodore Epp writes “Revelation… was not written to be a mystery but to more clearly reveal or unveil certain truths concerning Jesus Christ. So we approach it expecting to learn from it, not expecting confusion.”

In this two volumes in one edition of Theodore Epp’s “Practical Studies in Revelation” examines this wonderful book in hope that the reader will understand that this book is the unveiling of Christ and grasp that this is the Lord’s final truth about Him.

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