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VOLUME 1* God Prepares and Strengthens His Man * – This book is a rewarding study – not only because of what you will learn about Moses, but also because of what you will learn about yourself. Volume I examines Moses’ life from his birth to the crossing of the Red Sea. It is a moving account of how Moses was humanly prepared as a leader in the court of Egypt and how he was divinely prepared in the desert for the gigantic task before him. It shows how God strengthened Moses through the trials of the plagues and further prepared him to lead the people from Egypt toward the promised land.

VOLUME 2 * Excellence in Leadership * – This volume continues the rewarding study of the life of Moses. In it, the reader can find practical lessons for his own life-lessons that Moses had to learn the hard way. The three stages in Israel’s journey from Egypt to Canaan illustrate the three stages in the life of a Christian-his occupation with the world. with the self-life, and with the things of God. In contrast are shown three stages of the work of God-His work for, in and through the believer.

The depths of Moses’ character are revealed in his greatest tests – leading rebellious Israel, judging their sin, and interceding for them in the face of God’s threatened judgment. His last great moment comes when, poised atop Mount Pisgah in the company of God, he gazes with undimmed vision on the inheritance of Israel.

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